MK² – Isah Business Intelligence Solutions @ Snijtechniek Brabant!

Together with Snijtechniek Brabant MK² created a Isah Business Intelligence solution within 4 weeks. To view the LinkedIn post by Snijtechniek Brabant click here The post is written in Dutch language and, check out the English translation below: ”Continuous innovation is key to Snijtechniek Brabant! This month a successful Isah BI project was completed in collaboration with MK² Software. MK² Software is specialized in Business Intelligence solutions, and has specific knowledge and experience with Isah business software. Within 4 weeks a complete solution was built for [...]

MK² – Isah BI Screensaver launch @!

Together with MK² created a realtime BI screensaver which is installed at several workstations in their production facility. The BI screensaver informs employees about production backlog with a very intuitive and easy to use overview. In case of any overdue tasks at the workstation, the Screensaver turns to red and shows the respective informations. If everything is on schedule the screen saver turns green. At the Screensaver has a real-time connection to the ISAH ERP system, but off course we can [...]